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Update 3/24

Our current sizes available are Medium and Popcorn.  We expect a new batch of Large size to be available in about a month.



Today, many people have no idea where their shrimp comes from. They don’t know that most shrimp they buy at the market or a restaurant come from thousands of miles away overseas and are weeks to months past their peak of flavor. Well, at Tasty Harvest Shrimp, we’re out to change all that! We want to show all our Commonwealth customers that fresh shrimp – grown without antibiotics or hormones, in a safe, controlled environment – is always the way to go.

Our local shrimp farm raises, sells, and delivers the freshest, most delicious shrimp available on the market. Everything we offer is raised in an eco-friendly, sustainable, saltwater environment that produces no pollutants. Our shrimp—free of all sulfites, hormones, and antibiotics—offer the fresh, crisp taste that customers and families will love!

We take our shrimp directly from our tanks and pack them on ice to guarantee their freshness and peak of flavor. Customers can pick up their orders the same day. For restaurants and markets, we deliver orders on the day of harvest to Boston, the North Shore, Metro West, and Central- and Western Massachusetts. We guarantee delicious, flavorful shrimp that’s always fresh and never, ever frozen.

To learn more about Tasty Harvest Shrimp or to schedule your next order, please contact us at 508-835-1111.

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