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Tasty Harvest Shrimp is a family-owned, family-run business that focuses on the absolute quality and freshness of our product. Working locally in West Boylston, MA, we farm raise whiteleg vannamei shrimp in 19 eco-friendly, sustainable, saltwater tank environments that promote natural growth and high quality of life. Utilizing our Zero Exchange Aerobic Heterotrophic (ZEAH) System, we recycle nearly all our tank water (90,000 gallons); we lose very limited water to evaporation and periodic tank cleaning.

As certified MA wholesale dealers and members of the Wachusett Chamber of Commerce, we offer our customers here in the Commonwealth, the highest quality product. We never add hormones or antibiotics to our water. We simply add salt to create a brine that is almost identical to that of the shrimp’s natural, pollutant-free habitat. This guarantees that our shrimp are always available to you healthy and fresh—never frozen—at their peak of quality and flavor right out of the tank.

It is very common that imported and wild-caught shrimp are normally frozen, thawed, and refrozen before finally reaching you weeks to months later. As harvested shrimp ages, it loses flavor and quality. In contrast, Tasty Harvest shrimp is the cleanest and freshest saltwater shrimp you will ever taste. We offer it year round, and will deliver shrimp fresh to businesses in Boston, the North Shore, Metro West, Central Mass, and parts of Pioneer Valley.

Our Team

Tony Curtis … CEO
Boston Conservatory of Music, Boston, MA
Bachelor of Music 1973
Major: Music Education
Worcester State College
Major: Information Technology

Tony was a music teacher in Worcester public schools for 9 years. He left teaching to become a programmer analyst. Within two years, he was a manager of computer systems and programming. Three years later, he founded his own consulting company, which is celebrating its twenty-fifth year in business in 2015.

Joshua Curtis … Plant Manager
Roger Williams University, Bristol, RI
Bachelor of Arts 2001
Major: Visual Arts

Minor: Marine Biology

Joshua worked or volunteered at various aquariums and pet stores including Aquidneck Aquarium, Wal-Mart (Pets and Sporting Goods) and New England Aquarium. He has bred over 10 different species of fish (fresh water; temperate and tropical; livebearers and egg laying) and brine shrimp, selling them to small local pet stores and aquarium hobbyists.

Adam Curtis … Office Manager
University Of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA
Major: History

Minor: French

Adam’s educational experiences reflect his broad interests including history, science, medicine, computers, visual art, and Romance languages. With professional experience as an I.T. troubleshooter, phlebotomist, E.M.T., French tutor, and English teaching assistant to francophone students, he’s not only the office manager for Tasty Harvest: he’s also its MacGyver, coming up with creative fixes for buggy programs and busted water pumps alike. 

shrimp pool
harvesting shrimp

For more information about Tasty Harvest Shrimp, or to schedule your next fresh delivery from us, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 508-835-1111.