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Retail Price
Wholesale Price
Jumbo (15-19 shrimp/lb) $18/lb retail $16/lb wholesale
Large (20-24 shrimp/lb) $16/lb retail $14/lb wholesale
Medium (25-29 shrimp/lb) $14/lb retail $12/lb wholesale
Popcorn (30+ shrimp/lb) $14/lb retail $12/lb wholesale
Colossal (1-14 shrimp/lb, occasionally available) $20/lb

NB: Prices above apply only to shrimp sold at our West Boylston facility.  Prices at farmers markets and other venues may vary.


We would love to do business with you! Some of our customers have included:

Sweet Kitchen & Bar:

Niche Hospitality Group, restaurateurs of Mezcal and Bocado among others:

West Boylston Seafood: (Market Side)

Kenichi Bistro:

Wachusett Country Club:

deadhorse hill (sic) Restaurant: